Indian symphony orchestra
The Fusion symphony orchestra at their recent performance at the Guarapad Hall Maryland Lagos

FUSION, an emerging musical folklore last week demonstrated rare artistry of Indian symphony orchestra at a show that was uniquely aimed at elucidating rich India cultural values.

Juxtaposing various India mythologies, Fusion epitomizes inimitable style of presentation to fuse different kinds of classical music such as Hindustani (Northern Indian Style) and Carnatic (Southern Indian Style), using the same musical notes.

The presentation, which was unprecedented, drew large Indian spectators from different walks of life that came to watch the group perform different styles of Indian folklores and a blend of exquisite melodies.

The group simply described the show as ‘Inspirational,’ adding that “India is blessed with abundant heritage values and classical music – that despite modernization, it still preserves its culture with passion and compassion for Indians at home and in diaspora.”

They said: “Indians are proud to carry along this heritage to wherever they travel, and we are delighted to trace classical music lovers residing in Lagos Nigeria.”

Fusion was formed last year to spread and create awareness for Indian symphony orchestra and transmit message of peace and harmony within Lagos. This year’s event is second in progression.

The show featured both children and adult performances and it promises to be biannual.

Members of the group include Omkar Dhagamwar, Sanjay Deshmukh, Mrs Shubra, Gopi Kuttan, Mrs Saumya Dhagamwar, and Ravinda Kamat.


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